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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Mandriva Linux 2009 Released

Will that be FTP or Torrent?

Mandriva’s latest release: Mandriva Linux 2009. Get it while it’s hot! Mandriva’s always been a bit of an overlooked distro, imo… but it continues to install easily and work very well. Reviews are appearing now for those who like to read before they download. Time to update my Mandriva systems…

Mandriva Linux 2009.0 RC 2 Released

Mandriva keeping to its release schedule

Mandriva today released 2009.0 RC 2, with Gnome 2.24 and KDE 4. The final release date is supposed to be released about a week into October, and include Firefox 3 and OpenOffice 3. I’ve been playing with and running Mandriva since version 5 or 6 or something, back when Linux-Mandrake was an enhanced Red Hat, before it came into its own. Despite the attention that Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SuSE get lately, it remains an excellent distro in my view.

I’m just hoping they’ve fixed the sound bug from 2008 that’s been bugging me. An updated NVidia driver would be nice too. But if we could just get Adobe to update their Flash player for x86/64…