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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Penguinistas Rise Again

Penguinistas do the Phoenix Routine

Yes, well… —ahem!— after my good intentions last year of beginning to revive this site, my Planet install kakked out on me and I never bothered to fix it, which means we’ve effectively been dormant for almost five years. Prior to that, we had a good run of at first weekly email newsletters in 1999 graduating to daily online content in 2000 and through most of 2003. I’m not promising daily content, but we’re back with a new back end (the old archives are still intact) and the hopes of reviving some semi-regular content. Hopefully this will take pretty much the same form as before… links to news stories with cynical, snide, opinionated, and occasionally insightful summary comments. Not just the news, but opinion as well. Feature articles may also appear with similar regularity as before, if all goes well. This time out though, we’ve got the commenting set up with the new platform — a feature always intended for the old one, but which just never hit the development stage.